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The name of this forum is one of the traditional folk dance practices in Kelaa. Maliku Dhandhi
It’s played by using sticks (Dhandhi, Usually Kudhilunboa or Burevi). Minimum of 3 pairs (6 players) is required to perfume the dance. Each player has 2 sticks and using the sticks they produced the sounds. The true beauty of this event comes with more participants because it is the sound of the sticks that keeps the spectators enchanting. There are total of 11 note played in this event (theme sound and 10 other sounds called “Kulhi”). The theme sound is called Mulhi Fo Mulhi Fo. Among the players there is a leader called “Mudheeru” who commend and lead others. There is a commending language that guides the players during the event. The starting commend is “Chudiko” and the players respond with “Haey Vaa” and the theme sound is played for few minutes and then the next commend is called by Mudheeru. In this process the theme sound is chnge to alternative sound (Kulhi), this process is called Kulhiah Dhiun. There total of 10 Kulhi (Fidhandhi Kholhu, Dhon Babukeyo, Mahah Dhetholhi, Zihdha Nashan, Thodan Mas, Dhethelahpan, Kubah Aran, Karu Nolhi, Bin Tholhi and Ehkala Dhandhi). The first commend of Kulhiah Dhiun is Mulhi Fo Mulhi Fo and players respond with Haey Vaa Mulhi Fo. Command is called twice. The next Command is Mulhi Fo Landhey players respond with Haey Vaa Landhey and the next one Landhey Abudhey is called the players respond with Haey Vaa Abudhey then Fanally a Kuhli is called and the sound of the specific kulhi is played for few minutes. Again the starting command was called and the Procedure was repeated until all the Kulhi is been played.

(To improve the quality of this article ur comment and suggestion is needed help me improve this article thank u)

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